For all spiritual souls, we need a daily spiritual practice, like energetic hygiene, to be fully anchored in our wholeness, our soul power and our nervous systems at optimal, healthy levels. When we set on a specific intention. For this practice, we will set the intention to consecrate our bodies as water temples, by listening for 9 days to the sacred wisdom of water. 

Each day, for 9 days, receive a sacred message from water.


what you will need:


  • An altar space
  • A vessel to hold water
  • A quartz crystal to amplify your intentions
  • A commitment to a daily 9 day practice 

A dedicated intention to surrender to the ancient Voice of water for 9 days


the black pearl of the deep diver


merlin, amergin, and mermaids

coventina, celtic goddess of springs

the ancient wisdom of nautilus

tears and mother mary

the white pearl of energetic purity

whale song of soul purpose

the whirlpool


and more…










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What you will receive: 

For 9 days, receive a daily message to your inbox from water, in the form of a video with a sacred mantra and chant, and a PDF with a written transmission from that element of water.

The messages within this were channeled from Kerry, Ireland.