“Goddess means the embodiment of the fullness of Being Feminine. Understanding your place in the Cosmos and as the Womb of Creation in relationship to the Spiral 🌀 of Life, and of Light made Manifest.

In a polarized reality the Goddess is one aspect and the God the polar opposite and through our sexuality we can unify all dimensions and become one with the Cosmic Creator.

The Goddess is in touch with the Great Mystery and Mother Earth, the masculine and feminine principles of creation.

We are living in a reality that has lost ancient knowledge and comprehension of the Goddess, the symbol of Life . . . and have spiralled 🌀 downwards into a culture of death.

To restore the Goddess is to restore the remembering of Magic of Life, the fabulous Mystery and the Power of the Creative Force.”

Patti O’Donahue

“Goddess for me is the Divine Soul of Life.

She’s Source and Essence which brings into being all manifest life.

She’s the conduit of Spirit into Matter. She informs, embodies, enables and empowers.

She is Divine Love, the indwelling Christ Consciousness of the Heart.”

Jacquie Burgess

“Goddess to me is everything I have been to return to what I am… Nothing short of full source.”

Cathy Johnson

“Goddess means truth to me and the way life is really supposed to be and was meant to be on this planet until the hijacking that took place by lower forces.

She is true, she is real and she is light.

And we are here now to help Gaia reclaim this planet in all its glory, back to the days of Mu but even better this time round 💕”

Sinead Frayne Fox

“In Divinity, sacred energy is created by Gaia-Terra. The Goddess/Sophia Consciousness of
Mother Earth.

Woman is the materialized embodiment of these energies. We are now restoring all of these energies, and the Woman has a sacred role to play.”

Laulev Hirv