Serpent Priestess transmission

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  • Are you interested in stepping into a deeper role as an Earth healer, embodied by the sensual, sovereign, and sacred serpent? This homestudy was created as a way to activate memories within, to connect to elemental realms, and feel the goddess of the land. 


  • If you feel its time to move away from eco-grief and into being more co-creative with Gaia, serpent might be the medicine for you!The Druids of the Celtic region used to declare, “I am Serpent, I am Druid”, meaning they derived their power and wisdom of nature from their connection to serpent.




An audio teaching series on connecting to:


  • The Serpent Priestess archetype
  • The Rod/lingam/phallic principle
  • Connecting to dragon portal guardians of the land
  • Finding your nemeton
  • Annunaki interference on the serpent lineage





Dragon Alchemy Session Private Link