She Wolf Warrior Wisdom



she is grounded. she is rooted. she is protected.


she is embodied.


 she wolf

the art of the empathic warrior



The She Wolf is coming up more and more as women offer ‘prayers for war’


No, No, No, No.


Stop being played.


Did you know that in ancient temples there was a practice of the sacred priestesses to ‘take the war out of men?’ The deep and pure force of Shakti was hijacked and used ‘in service’ to war.

When you allow your energy, your emotions and your thoughts to be manipulated you give your power away.

When we are very empathic and FEEL everything, we tend to go into compassionate mother mode.

When we hear of suffering we want to be soft, compassionate, mothering, nurturing. It’s in our very nature. The problem is we live in a system that takes advantage of that. We don’t live in a system where the purity of Shakti is used for good. This is why it becomes very appropriate to call upon the fierce feminine to protect, defend, and shield.

Being an empathic ‘shakti warrior’ means you protect your energetic boundaries and you choose to embody your own true vibration. You don’t fight or transmute external energies, you simply know ‘not me, not mine’. You choose not to allow the unconsciousness of others to play you.

Where are the consequences, the growth, and the change needed when women moan and keen and pray and send ‘love and light and prayers’ for warmakers? Nothing happens, the dark runs amok.

How does that heal? We establish boundaries. We do not allow our container to be breached. We declare no I won’t hold space. I won’t let this energy exploit me. We essentially don’t give it energy, we don’t feed it. The matrix only exists because sovereign beings forgot they were sovereign and feed into it with their energy.

Empathic Shewolf Wisdom #1: Do not project the purity of your intentions onto others.

When you ‘light a candle for the psychopaths’ you take on the shadows of the world as your own. You attempt to transmute deep darkness that you cannot possibly transmute. It bogs you down. It makes you weary and sad. Especially if you are doing this as a woman- if you are consciously choosing to ‘transmute’ the pain of war and pray, you are participating in a very ancient inversion of temple arts where you take the shadows of others into your energy body. You stay stuck in an inverted feminine template of ‘taking the war out of men’.

This will drain you eventually. Which is exactly what this system of imbalanced masculine energetics is designed to do: drain and siphon the womb, and feed the suffering itself.

You do not freely give your compassionate heart to ‘prayers for war’. You defend your heart. You do not allow the demons of others to enter your field.

This is like warrior training for empaths.

This probably won’t resonate with everyone, and that’s cool.

But if you FEEL me, listen…

I know we all want to be in love and light, but we are in a spiritual war. We have been for several years now. It’s one thing to ‘stay neutral’ and avoid all warrior wisdom, but that doesn’t work too well when we are uh you know…in a war. When a New World Order is causing damage through very sophisticated and well thought out psycho-spiritual attacks on your heart.

We gotta be warriors, but of LOVE. We gotta protect our soft, sacred hearts with fierce boundaries. We gotta recognise the attacks on our sovereign, divine birthright to awaken and be free.

If you are collapsed in people pleasing mode, if you are a woman praying and lighting candles for psychopaths, and choosing to transmute massive shadows that don’t belong to you through your own vessel, you are being played and you will be drained. You are not an endless cup… you are a sacred vessel with physical limits.

Calling upon the warrior feminine is useful in so many ways. She doesn’t fight anything. She simply embodies energetic sovereignty.

One of the tools of the warrior woman is the spirit of discernment, like a hawk on your shoulder, offering you the gift of ‘not me, not mine’.

The energy of all-accepting, nonjudgemental compassion is a collapsed feminine energetic. It is precisely what allows siphoning and no real change. There needs to be some FIERCE feminine.

I’m offering to work with women 1:1 in a mentorship capacity, delving deep with weekly activations and personal support in reviving the warrior woman within. *The bulk of it will be channeled dances as embodiment practices to descend our energy into the ROOT (which is the feminine crown) and finding our spirit animal guardians. Knowing we are rooted, grounded, safe, and protected.*

I will share the tools I’ve learned to not accept others shadows. It’s very hard for empaths to awaken, because we get easily weighed down by others emotions.

This is why I’m calling it the Art of the Empathic SHE Wolf 

Standing in this sovereign empathic space is actually creating harmony and is in service to the whole. You Love yourself enough to defend your life force energy, because it’s all you have. This will keep the vibrations high enough to create a NEW paradigm.



Join Me for a Three Week Container 

Each week will contain an embodiment dance practice, a PDF and teaching video with a connection to a warrior feminine archetype and the wisdom she holds.


Includes a personalized shamanic journey for a power animal retrieval.


We Begin March 11


Pay Here 333 EURO


Or 3 Installments of 111 EURO



Embodied Movement Practices


Week One


We are taught to ‘ascend’ and transcend our lower natures. Here we will do the opposite, we will descend our energy into the Womb of Gaia, connecting to our feminine crown, and surrender into her magnetism and gravity.




Week Two


Shake, shield, cast out, and defend your energetic space, and declare energetic sovereignity. Practice movement, breath, and mantras to dispel any energy that does not belong to you out of your space.





Week Three


Explore your own sacred energetic container with a shamanic movement practice that clarifies your own boundaries. Practice the art of discernment to feel fully what is yours, and what isn’t. Then, command your full space.