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“Mystery glows in the rose bed, the secret is hidden in the rose”

Learn how the Rose and Bee priestess mysteries symbolise the unfolding of higher consciousness.

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Remembering the Sacred Feminine Oracular Arts

A great many priestesses will rise. We will cry tears for the lost sacred feminine that will quench the Wasteland. Beholding the ancient orchards that make up the wild soul of woman, we will regenerate our inner sight and inner knowing. The great trees of the Earth will breathe deeply, exhaling a plume of oxygen to fill our lungs with courage, and we will speak our truth. Ravens and crows will swoop and shriek, making nests out of our hair, turning us wild with magic once more. And the original priestesses on their island behind the veil will smile, their eyes gently shimmering green in the mirror of Earth.

Allowing the goddess into consciousness is far more revolutionary than one could imagine. Like a great wave rising civilisation up and dropping it into a new territory, it will transform everything.

It is a consciousness evolution.


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the divinity of our dnA:

an Exploratory Call into Quantum Realms

December 30, 8pm Dublin time.

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  • The winter solstice 2021 turning point
  • DNA ‘upgrades’
  • Dark matter in the brain- astrocytes and glial cells
  • ‘Junk’ DNA
  • Process of reverse transcription and the role of mRNA
  • The relation between tyranny and human expansion of consciousness
  • Galactic History and Genetic Hybridization
  • Galactic traumas and mind wipes: Lyran Wars, Electric Wars, Fall of Tiamet and Tara
  • Frequency and quarantine ‘fence’ on our DNA expansion



The Marriage Between a Shaman and a Neuroscientist

Drawing upon experience processing DNA in a genetics lab at Harvard Medical School for several years, as well as an experience of spiritual awakening, this is a call to connect the dots between the current mRNA vaccine coercion and the current human expansion of consciousness and DNA upgrading. 

Science classifies up to 80% of our DNA as ‘junk’, and up to 90% of our brain matter as ‘dark matter’. These misunderstood aspects of our physical body code for non-physical, multidimensional abilities. What shamans, oracles, mystics, and seers have always known.