What is a Priestess?



A priestess is a woman devoted to the spiritual energy of the Goddess.

The sacred feminine energy comes in many forms, and has many faces. She exists in every culture in the world, and she encompasses all of the aspects of the feminine energy.

There are many lineages of priestess, but they all have one thing in common- they live in devotion to the original mother matrix.


The Holy Mother Gaia Sophia.



To know her is to become comfortable with paradox, because she is complex. She is both celestial and earthen. She is a cosmic womb, and a deep magnetic womb. She is both the dragon and the dove. She represents not only a path of ascension, but also one of deepening, remembering, and embodying. She asks her daughters to live life in ritual, like a living prayer. 

Following the red thread of the priestess lineage deeper into prehistory, we find traces in the earliest records of our archeology of the shamanka, or the womb shaman.

The titles do not matter as much as what they represent, which is a woman who stands firmly in the spiritual sovereignity of her womb. She knows that her soulful power and her gnosis comes from this sacred space.

I have created this website as a space to share my journey of remembering this role. 


the Role of the Druidess and Celtic priestess

The Celtic Priestess is a loving guardian of the Celtic otherworld. This Otherworld is a place of out-of-ordinary consciousness. It represents a shamanic or druidic reality here on Gaia. 

Mother Earth is a sacred feminine being with wisdom and healing power. Nature and sacred groves are her churches. We can tap into this power, into the vibrational energies of the elements, plants, trees, and animals, to heal ourselves and the land. 

This type of shamanic priestess path is the path of the wounded healer. I came to this path through grief. Through going deep within an inner well, and by being burned in the flames. I offer my medicine to support others on their path of soul alchemy.

In this video I explain the role and purpose of the shamanic priestess and her deep connection to Mother Earth, the Goddess, and the Great Mystery.