For anyone who would like to receive an oracle session regressing back to Lemuria, otherwise known as MU….


Many of us have deep connections to MU, which was one of the last times on this planet the feminine was value and honored. 


There is an act of emergence and resurrection happening now. The feminine knowing of how to live in harmony with nature is resurrecting. Intuition and deep emotion will be once again known as the place to retrieve the wisdom we need to thrive. 


For anyone connected strongly to water, dolphins, whales, mermaids, the sea, and ancient Law of One teachings, these parts are surfacing to emerge as resurrected aspects of ourselves.


Ways to tell your soul might be connected to MU:


 – you feel either an intense love or a fear of deep, expansive water

– you feel an affinity with water elementals and mermaids, like you know they’re more ‘real’ than not

 – you feel a certain unexplainable grief around the notion of a great flood

 – you are highly sensitive, intuitive, psychic

 – you feel a longing for a ‘lost’ home that you can’t put your finger on

 – you work with crystals and can be telepathic or precognitive

 – you are skilled at working in the Akashic records 

 – you remember once communicating with dolphins and whales and know they are of a higher intelligence than many believe

 – you deeply honor the Mother principle and know intuitively how valuable the feminine is

 – you have healing gifts, and can intuitively do magick rituals with nature

 – you have had a twin soul experience

 – you intuitively understand what ‘cosmic water’ means, and vaguely recall a time when you could travel through the ethers, the way vapor and mist travels through air


On the more negative side, other traits you may experience as a female are:


 – a feeling of being watched, handled, or owned in any way

 – a disconnect from your womb space as a source of YOUR creative power to heal yourself

 – flashbacks or uneasy feelings regarding underground tunnels, portals, or other passageways kept secret from the surface population

 – a feeling that you womb was ‘taken’ from you, a feeling as if its meant for others


I’d love to work with anyone wishing to remember and deepen into their Lemurian timelines and gifts as well as release grief from the shadowy depths!



Regression Session Details:


To start the reading, I need to chat with you on video for about 30 minutes. The most important aspect of an oracle journey/regression is the intention, so if there is something particular you would like to receive guidance or insight on please set that as your intention. In this case we will discuss your memories of Lemuria and the emotions you have around the lost land so we can map out exactly what happened on a soul level.


Then we can declare sacred space and consent for me to enter your energy field. After the call, I will go into a trance state for one hour using shamanic drumming. I go through a well into the Otherworld, and see visions. It’s like a waking dream. I will ask for any memories and current messages for you. Once I wake from the trance, I will provide an audio of about 20 minutes and a PDF with as much visual detail as possible, and any intuitive insights, research or images I believe will help. 


It takes me on average 3 days to provide the journey results. Once you book in I will email you with more instructions and we can set a time on Zoom. 

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I am offering three rates. As above, so below– as generous as you are is as generous spirit will be within the oracle reading. 




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