sacred mysticism of the honeybee



Join me on a journey to remember the female mysticism of the honeybee






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the bee priestess path


Bee Priestesses were the devotees to the Great Mother, and practiced the sacred feminine arts. 

For those interested in a deeper dive, I’ve created three transmissions.  Each includes written information as well as a guided shamanic meditation back into Goddess times, as channelled by my own memories and journeying. 

Herstory is still being written by the honeybees. 






Ireland’s Bee Priestess


I became aware of the role of Bee Oracle through a being known as St. Gobhnait in Ireland. Gobhnait is the Irish patron saint of bees and beekeeping. Only a few traces of her story remain. It is said that she protected her village from the bubonic plague with her healing honey, and staved off invaders with swarms of bees.

sacred mysticism of the honeybee 

In Three Parts


bees as

a gift of the goddess

Introduction to the Bee Priestess archetype and her prevailing connection to Goddess wisdom.

bees as

divine messengers

How bees represent sacred feminine oracular arts, and communicate feminine consciousness of geometry and symbol.

bees as

flower of life and unity 

How bees can teach us to perceive our interconnection with all beings, and remind us of an ancient shamanic way of being in the world.


week 1:

Bees as A Gift from the



Introduction to the Bee Priestess archetype and her connection to Goddess wisdom

The Bee Priestess archetype goes back into ancient cultures such as Minoan Crete, Egypt, and Greece. In week one, we will go back to the very first mentions of Bees, into channelled memories of the temples of the House of the Bee in Egypt, where Neith, one of the primordial Goddesses was worshipped.

It is said that the statue of Neith in the House of the Bee was veiled, and that inscribed at its base were the words, “I am all that has been, that is, or shall ever be; no mortal man hath ever me unveiled.” Another phrase associated with Neith is “The fruit which I have brought forth is the Sun.” Then, we will visit Pasiphae in the Minoan Cretan Labryinth, and meet the dancing, humming, and drumming Mellissae.

Here we meet the Bee Sisterhood and their Drumming. The humming of the bees, the drumming of the sisters, the sacred chambers of specific frequency. They were speaking to the divine, just like the bees.







week 2:

Bees as oracles and divine messengers

how Bees represent Sacred Feminine Oracular Arts


“The most important oracular site of ancient Greece, Delphi, was said to have been constructed by bees. The oracle of the temple itself was an object called an Omphalos, a carved stone, shaped like a beehive, and covered in bee-like images linked in a beautiful pattern. Phythia, the chief priestess at Delphi, was called ‘The Delphic Bee’. It is said the priestesses were called Queen Bees, and used humming, and drumming, to enter into their trance states.
Join a guided meditation to meet Gobhnait, the bee priestess and oracle of Ireland. She came to me in a vision several years ago, and her energy and frequency is living within.

She was wearing a long silvery blue cloak, and drawing water from a well. She seemed to say to me…

Sister, I was never a saint, or a nun, I was a priestess. I spoke to the bees and healed with them. I was an oracle, a sacred feminine. I have been lost to the mists of time, but the bee priestess lineage is very, very ancient.

It is a lineage of healing magic. 




week 3:

bees as unity and sacred geometry


How bees can teach us a shamanic way of Being in the world


There is a storm cloud perpetually swirling over the planet Saturn, in the shape of a hexagon. Bees have thousands of hexagonal imprints within their very eyes, in order to create the perfect hexagonal hives.


Because hexagons are Nature’s most efficient way to pack matter into space. Wisdom of creation can be learned from the sacred geometry of honeybees.

Honeybees dance the flower of life; they are the energy of the flower of life itself in motion. They are the representations of the sacred geometry of the Goddess.

It’s what you could call the divine feminine consciousness, you don’t think it, you feel it. It’s a way of perceiving and being interconnected, an ancient way of Being in the world, closer to how reality was seen in Mother Earth Goddess cultures. 

Gaia, Goddess of the Land, shows us how her bees represent the unity of the Mother Earth and the Solar King, of the feminine opening to the masculine, to bring forth the elixir of sweet honey.



sacred mysticism of the honeybee 

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