an act of making harmonious


Walking Each Other Home

The Priestess Path Attunement is practicing the art of becoming harmonious with the feminine consciousness. I am called to serve as a guide on this path for any women who would like weekly support over the period of several months. This path is not something I dabble in- it is my life and my way of being. I am in full dedication to honoring the Goddess Gaia Sophia. Because of that choice, I feel I am able to serve as a guide on this path.

This is a three month long coaching package with a few foundational elements and as much support as is needed. As soon as you book you will receive a welcome email and we will schedule the weekly and monthly sessions based on your convenience. If you are drawn to the Priestess Path, I want to work with you. Attune your inner instrument to the vibration of Her. 


Cost: €333 per month 




Every three weeks we meet live for a shamanic womb clearing, discussion, intention setting, and a healing session.


Weekly Shamanic Reading done remotely and provided as an audio and PDF. 


Weekly Tips and Tools to stay centered on your personal journey. Self-discipline and accountability is important on this path.



Because there’s lies and machinery and the smell of fear in the air.

Because when the whales wash ashore no one prays.

Because anaesthetising the warrior goddess won’t work. Putting her to sleep with the lull of nice-seeming neutrality won’t work. The kiss of the prince won’t wake sleeping beauty, because she doesn’t want a prince. She wants to wield the sword of TRUTH.

Cosmic Sophia is demanding we confront fear based illusions now. She demands we claim full authority of our divine self. She demands we lift the Veil, return to the stream of the cosmic mother, and listen to the beat of the womb. She demands we look skyward at the ‘celestial cow’ known as Hathor in Egypt and Boann in Ireland. The Cosmic Mother, whose Milky Way of nourishment births us all.

Why do we need a Celtic Goddess Temple?

Because our survival depends on our willingness to die.

We are in degenerate times. An age of darkness and material consciousness.

Underneath this hologram, at the root, in the womb tomb, is the potential to see beyond the lies. There’s a little emerald seed bud. But it’s like tilling old compost, unless you shift it, you will rot from within with the old lies.

There is a lineage of ancient cosmic timekeepers who are now giving the ‘green light’. Brigid is lighting millions of candles with her torch, and Boann is flowing into Newgrange, her star ancestry encoded in the river. It’s cosmically time for divine order to emerge from divine chaos.

In ancient times on Earth there were Goddess temples containing specific frequencies of energy to hold balance for society. Each temple space held qualities and virtues of feminine energy, refined like a precious gem, the way Sophia represents the embodied distillation of wisdom. As an example, the Temple of Athena was dedicated to strategy. The Temples of Artemis, Aphrodite, or Hathor each held a unique strand of wisdom to keep feminine energy in balance, to represent the many and paradoxical facets of Sophia.

The Celtic goddess temple space is a little different (Eire always had a problem with Rome!)

The temple is immanence, or light within matter. The Celtic Goddess Temple may not have existed as brick and mortar, it might have been a “nemeton”, or a sacred nature space. It’s the mystical feminine dimension, where gnostic Sophia trinity wisdom pours from the chalice. The memories are encoded within the stones, the drum, the womb, the labyrinth, the dragon, the dove, and the spiral. Basically, the Celtic Goddess Temple is in the SOUL.

A note on the word Goddess- it is a PRINCIPLE of energy. It is multifaceted and paradoxical, but ultimately is soul wisdom. The Celtic face of Sophia is a cultural soul stream of universal wisdom. It pours out from a green clay chalice that contains the imprints and memories of the land. The Celtic Grail contains memories of when the Emerald Covenant transformed into Brehon Law, and other lost ancient things. Fomorian and Fir Bolgs are in this memory. Stones and stardust are in this memory. It’s a liquid drink of dimensions.

There’s a Celtic saying that heaven and earth are only three feet apart. Meaning time is a spiral, not linear. We can access the now moment through the spiral of past present and future. The Grail is a spiral of time, an ancient way of being and receiving the music of the spheres and hearing the shift of ages.

The temples were ultimately a reflection of how we are One with nature and cosmos- how we are inextricably intertwined with bees and trees and stars. The Celtic priestesses revered the star ancestors. The Swan Priestesses of Newgrange understood that the cosmic dove or swan above was as essential as the primordial dragon at the very core. They were walking pillars of light, crystalline instruments that could attune to the music of the spheres, or the subtle vibrational languages. Just like the stones and the round towers.

A Celtic goddess burns the fires of remembrance. She will gather all your bones, build a fire and lovingly warm their memory back to life. She will show you your reflection dancing ethereally in the firesmoke. It’s an ancient fire. That’s why they say Brigid holds a flame- it’s a flame of memories flickering. That fire in the head, it’s part of Brigid’s Flame of feminine consciousness.

The Celtic Goddess Temple is a dedication to keeping that inner flame lit in dark velvety silence.

Celtic Sophia is personified as Brigid’s flame, but ultimately the Celtic Goddess is a trinity. She will show you that the treasure of the Grail is the edenic blueprint held within.

Her trinity wisdom goes far, far back, like a serpentine rose coloured filament of light. It goes beyond the human mind wipe. Back into millennia of unknown. Through the crystal rose heart. Through that sacred portal are the memories of the Lyran timelines, the Celtic dragons, Sophia and the Emerald Founder records.

She deserves a temple to preserve Her wisdom. To remember HER truth. To ground down Her celestial Sophia consciousness.

The torches have been lit. The drum and the womb lead the way.