Reviews from Soul Sessions 


“I have been following Jennifer on Facebook and have been amazed at her depth and width of insight into our many Realities, based on her ability to actually connect and communicate with beings terrestrial and celestial, across the spectrum of Creation. The information she channels has been rich, unique and very resonant. I have never met someone quite like her. I did a cosmic oracle reading with her and what she gave me has brought a clarity and sense of settlement and acceptance of my past, present and future life and purpose that is truly comforting, empowering and guiding.

Many many thanks, Jennifer! For your invaluable work in our world.”

Nilima Bhat of



I love the mystical, Earth based wisdom of women who have remembered how to open themselves to channel life. I just had the super rare privilege of such a gift from Jennifer who is like an oracle when it comes to channeling Gaia Sophia. I want to acknowledge her here because of what it means and what it takes in one’s life to practice living in such a way to truly open and feel our planets consciousness – especially now – with everything we see happening. This is not a path for the faint of heart or for pretense of any kind – you truly can’t fake frequency. Jennifer is the real, rare deal. And she more than reads and channels – she heals. She removed something from my energy field and body that was like a night and day change. Something I had no idea was there but had always been at the effect of. So it’s true to say that she just changed my life.

It’s going to take me some time to sit with the myriad gifts, wisdoms, invitations, reflections that were laid in my lap – not to mention digesting the recognition of how far away from that connected, embodied state of being Jennifer lives so completely, that overwork has taken me – but that’s what this time of year is for. Reflection and integration. Our world rarely recognizes or celebrates those who learn their craft direct from the land and the stars. (Far better to learn from a book something someone else brought through and get a certificate for it!) so it matters to me how we uphold and celebrate each other and our gifts to spread the word. I had no idea Jennifer even did this….and maybe you didn’t either, but now you do! Sitting with a heart full of gratitude for sisterhood. Thank you beautiful you! ❤️”

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Clare Dubois,

“I am so appreciative of the care and time that Jennifer put into every stage of our session, from preparation to follow up. What Jennifer offers is so uniquely special and thorough. I have had many, many sessions with various healers and mystics, always in an attempt to see more deeply into the soul’s truth. Jennifer is such a powerful and thorough seer and channel that the session was nothing short of life-changing. She can see into the soul realms and deliver back to you the exact medicine for your journey at this time. The descriptions and visuals that she uses were aids to me for weeks following our session.

The planet is undergoing such rapid and expansive change, and I am personally so grateful that I now have Jennifer in my circle because we can not do this alone and I don’t want to. I trust her as a priestess, a wisdom-holder, a sister, a seer and a guide. Thank you.”

Sarah Poet, North Carolina,

When I learnt from Jennifer about the planet Tara and the fragmenting of souls following Tara’s explosion into extinction, I felt so very emotional. Jennifer confirmed that a soul fragment of mine could be retrieved, healed and integrated within me and I knew Jennifer was the person for this epic mission. So I invested in an Oracle session and was absolutely mind blown (pardon the pun!) by the experience and lasting results. Jennifer journeyed on my behalf with such warrior courage, integrity and strength. My soul fragment was retrieved, healed and integrated in a truly awe inspiring journey.

What amazed me was how much I felt during and after this rescue mission and how much wholer I felt afterwards. The mission gifted me permission to be my full holy feminine self including my mother aspects.

Jennifer is such a huge oracle witch shaman priestess. Her skills and abilities are vast and cosmic. If you’re feeling incomplete or that parts of your soul feels fragmented, I highly recommend sessions with Jennifer. Your life will be changed in profound and epic ways. Thank you Jennifer for all that you do for all of our healing back to wholeness.”

Eimear Stassin, Edinburgh,

I first came across Jennifer’s posts via mutual friends on FB. I was both drawn to her energy, and challenged by it at the same time, something called my attention very strongly about her, and the multiple synchronicities confirmed it, no coincidence of course I was divinely guided to her. And indeed for good reason. Discussing the reading prior to booking was organic and enjoyable and I felt right away the highest good of all was a priority for her, which put me at ease and allowed me to really trust her, which isn’t easy for me at all. She is such a noble and gentle soul, though at first all you see is the fiery warrior goddess priestess queen outer shell that screams “No Fuckery Allowed” as fair warning. If you pass the test, you may be Blessed with the experience of her visiting and reading your Soul, and writing up the most beautiful document for you to treasure with such deep and personal information that will warmly hug you down deep where you most need to be hugged. It’s like Christmas morning on steroids, or a warm shower after being out in the freezing cold all night.
Highly recommended!” 

Antonio Madrazo, Mexico City

Míle buiochas sacred woman for your soul reading. It has taken me a few months now to integrate the multidimensional levels of what you journeyed for me and I feel it will continue to ripple on long into my life’s work.

I feel an activation in the Earth service and waterwork I am following which you received through imagery, song, symbols and have woven so clearly with your words. A resounding yes, this is true for those parts of the reading that I can integrate right now, which has strengthened my purpose, helped me to trust my intuitive knowing and healing abilities.

Other parts of the reading speak to a higher aspect of myself that I am unfolding into and will embody more fully in the future. Your gift of tuning in is astonishing and I am so grateful to have the symbols, guides and words to continue awakening my souls gift for this beloved Earth. I wish you continuing success as you support others in their awakening at this time of great remembering, rebirthing and returning to unity consciousness.

With great love and respect.”

Katie McShane, Cork, Water and Sound Educator

Working with Jennifer was incredible! She is a true womb shaman offering powerful healing and intuitive insight that is valuable beyond words. In our session, she helped me confirm so many aspects of my higher self and who I am working with. She identified accurately areas where I was shut down and where I needed to open up to my creative process. Her level of accuracy is profound and she had the ability to read me in ways no one else has except for what I’ve seen in my own personal journeys. In our session, Jennifer helped me connect with an old dear friend who is a guardian and protector. This connection seemed to blast open my connection with the divine masculine within and all around me, as literally everything and everyone misaligned fell away within hours of our session. Since then, my experience has been so attuned that I’m truly letting my higher intuitive wisdom guide me.

I highly recommend Jennifer as a healer and divine feminine guide that will help you remember who you really are. I look forward to continuing to deepen our connection as Sisters of the Rose, as healers and as powerful, amazing women walking this path of mastery together.

Thank you Jennifer! ✨🌹✨

Melissa Baker,

I have just recieved the most gorgeous soul aligned gift from Jennifer. I have been connected to her stunning soul shares for sometime and she speaks my language, one I understand deep in my body. Today Jennifer journeyed for me and brought back with potent accuracy soulwhispers that landed in my womb heart like a golden elixir. Soul truths and sacred wisdom for me to reflect upon and journey deeper into.
I will listen and re-listen many times to what she gifted me. I really needed this journey and Jennifers wisdom its timing is perfect to receive in this way.
I really would recommend you connect with jennifer and her offerings. Jennifer feel free to share any links you have here for people to connect with you. In love & gratitude. Thank you.

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Genevieve McGuinness, Derry

“I intuitively knew that Jennifer, with her unique gifts, Seer, Shaman, Healer, would provide the clarity and insight to manifest a profound shift for my soul evolution. I had chosen wisely. Jennifer journeyed with focused intent on my behalf, connecting to my past lives, her visions and channelled information began the stirring of ancient memories within me. This was life changing, as it allowed me to access their wisdom and knowledge. It gave me the opportunity to transform my hopes into tangible reality, enhancing my present moment.

Her pure intentions in service to the collective, embracing the ancient wisdom of the universe for the good of all, is inspiring.

Thank you, Jennifer, I am truly grateful.”

Sue G, East Yorkshire

Two months have passed since I had a session with Jennifer. I’m still amazed and grateful about how much came through her transmission and how fast things have shifted in my world since. Things which I couldn’t grasp by myself, things which I felt the burden of and I though will stay with me for a lifetime … thankfully, I was wrong.

The session with Jennifer brought new insights into my awareness, it helped me to resolve an issue I was struggling with, but it did something deeper than just that … it helped me to truly connect to the remembrance of my heart and ecosytemic relational way with beings of the unseen realm and, for me, that is a gold. Thank you Jennifer. In a world of many false prophets, you are a real deal blessed by the Divine. Thank you for being in service during these times.”

Maya Zabnicka, Wales

“I have been on the healing journey for the past three years now, searching and searching and searching some more for answers and healing and understanding. After working with Jennifer, already after the first session I was a completely different person, no longer focusing on and longing for the wrong things (people) in life. The session helped me changed my entire perception about who I am, and that is a game changer. After everything she saw and told me, knowing also alters how you act, what decisions you make, how you feel about yourself, what you accept or not from others. Moreover, she was able to free me from some very constrictive programming and chains, and that in itself was a HUGE relief. For the FIRST time in my life I am now able to feel how being FREE feels. I feel that her help was instrumental in my healing journey and I am truly, genuinely very grateful.”

Andreea Tanase, Bucharest

“I am blown away. I really don’t know what to say. Reading through that (which I’ve done about 4 times already) was honestly the most incredible experience. There were so many things that just blew my mind. Thank you so so much for your magic. You are an incredibly wise, inspiring shamanic being and I feel truly grateful to have been put in contact with you. I will 100% tell my friends about you and hopefully they can connect with you too. Really, thank you so much. This story is one of the most precious things I’ve ever gotten. 

Mairead, Wicklow

“Jennifer is a blast from the past. Her abilities echo from a time history has forgotten. I can’t impress more highly to embrace a reading from this genuine woman of our ancient, indigenous Druid lineage.”

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Oisin, Dublin

“Jennifer is able to enter into the dream state with such magic, authority and devotion. The information she brings back is interwoven with sovereignty and laced with such grace that it settles upon the being with tender love. I’m always deeply moved working with Jennifer. She has steadfast principles which I admire and would return again and again for guidance.

Gail Waters, 

“Jennifer is incredible. She showed me who I am and my life purpose. Everything makes sense now. I am truly grateful. Go see her! She will change your life… “

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Arwen, England

“Jennifer did a reading for me about a month ago and it has changed my life. My physical health has taken a dramatic turn to improvement after decades, I feel connected to my feminine lineage more than ever, and I understand deeper who I am and how I fit into our collective. I was so moved by my experience I have extended readings to several of my clients with whom this resonates and I am hearing them have powerful experiences we are processing as well. If you are interested in understanding the larger arc of who you are or just feel an inexplicable nudge to try a reading, I say do it right now❤️.”

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Sierra, Colorado

“Jennifer has been of great assistance to me when I was really struggling with clarity and direction in my life. I have had a couple of sessions with her and have been blown away by her ability to look into the multidimensional aspects of the situation to offer advice, wisdom and insight that have proved to be spot on. Not only has she confirmed several issues I needed certainty about, but she was able to go even deeper to reveal things that I later discovered were right on the money. I would recommend Jennifer’s services for anyone who wants to unearth what is at the core of any issue.”

Rev Sonja Evans, Sophia Returns Ministries 

“Such a great experience. The whole thing resonated with me. I’ve been thinking about pagan Ireland for quite a while, I was obsessed with going around to sacred sites for ages, listening to podcasts etc. I was looking at trees like they were people, staring at them. And I didn’t know why. Nobody seemed to get me. You have given me answers.

I’ve been to energy workers/shamans before but this was on another level. How are you so so powerful? Like unbelievable. The detail was out of this world honestly. I’ve been trying to find out why I couldn’t tap into my higher self for years. It makes sense to me and to my whole family. I feel really empowered after the journey. I feel important. I haven’t for a long time. I feel like I am on a mission to heal my ancestral line and you have signposted me and given me the tools I’ve been searching for. It might not make sense to you but it makes sense to me. You are helping me heal myself, my family but also the collective. I will 100% be recommending you to others In the future. Thank you thank you.”

Claudia, Galway

“I received a tremendous amount of information through Jennifer’s reading and all of it hit home. This guidance will be be very useful during these troubled times and will definitely help me stay aligned and connected with my heart and soul. I feel that I will need time to integrate all of the precious messages. I highly recommend this to everyone looking to better comprehend their journey and soul mission. Jennifer’s work is priceless.

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Marie-Josee, British Columbia

“Jennifer did a shamanic shadow reading for me and I am still completely speechless about it. She was able to connect with Spirit and gain such insightful messages for me. She saw things in her trance visions nobody knows about. Things I needed to release that I didn’t even realize I was still holding on to. It has only been one day since I received the reading and I am already feeling so much more at peace and content inside. I am so grateful for Jennifer and the work she does for us all.

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Keren, Kansas City

“This experience with Jennifer is like none other I have had in my life. When I started to read the journey the tears came like a tidal wave , the resonance being so deep, acute and clear. I truly felt that I was finally fully seen! It was absolutely remarkable. I am still absorbing and assimilating the information. If you really truly want to be seen on a deep soul Shamanic level please give yourself the gift of this journey with Jennifer. She is a highly skilled and gifted seer, Priestess and Shaman. I am forever grateful to her.”

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Eileen, Nashville 

“I had a session with Jennifer and all I can say is wow wow wow. I was so impressed with Jennifer’s intuitive essence and state of being in our session. She is more than just a channel but a pure vessel for information to run through her with ease and grace. The information flows and there was no holding back in our session and she gives you information beyond the realms. I am still in awe with her work and connecting to the land through our ancestors. The messages were loud and clear and some I have known already but needed confirmation of the truth which Jennifer beautifully confirmed for me. We went through past lives but more so, a deeper meaning into the divine feminine and how we can best move forward and clear trauma, lineage and our beings. I am still integrating the session and looking forward to working with Jennifer again. The insights are so powerful (beyond) and her sessions are a great human growth and learning tool to move forward in life. THANK YOU Jennifer 💕💕💕

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Pamela, Dublin

“Cannot recommend Jennifer’s work enough Wow! Feel as tough everyone on the ‘spiritual journey’ should gift themselves a reading with Jennifer. I was blown away from the insights that she gained. Jennifer gave me insights into many past lives that deeply resonated and that are allowing me to heal the karma and trauma and to also embody the wisdom and training from these different lifetimes. I am still integrating the reading and I know I will be for some time! Jennifer also took the time to answer any questions I had about the reading and gave lots of advice and support!! Thank you deeply Jennifer for the work that you do!! x”

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Elaine, Wicklow

“I want to recommend Jennifer as one of the most powerful Medicine Women. Her way is the way of the Goddess and she’s embodying her in full: her work is gentle, fierce and echoes through the Soul. Her Vision and journey she did for me opened my eyes, helped me to see the Truth. If ever wondering should you work with Jennifer this is your sign to get up, go and book the session. You will be dipped in a Well of Cosmic Mother and your heart will be wide open.”

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Jasmina, Croatia

“I find it difficult to express the way I felt after receiving Jennifer’s reading as it was so profound and beautiful. With such clarity and detail, I felt as if I was exploring these deeper dimensions with her. Her reading still resonates with me strongly and through our connection together I’ve also felt as if I’ve finally reconnected with a soul sister and I just cannot recommend her enough! Super grateful to arrive and receive her wisdom in such divine timing.”

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Sorcha, Wicklow

“I had a beautiful journey come forth from Jennifer. She weaved many facets together that formed a story that previously was fractured. I loved the deepening of the insights I received which led me directly to what I needed exactly to work on to bring greater expansion into my own energy practices. Jennifer is wise, skilled before our time and ahead of time, a true embodied practiced Shamanika Woman weaving effortlessly through time! I cant wait to see what she creates for us in the years to come.”

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Siobhán Ní Mhaille, Limerick 

“I would highly recommend one of Jennifers journeys/readings. The journey was and is very transformative for me while dealing with very complex energies. My life has moved to a whole different level after working with Jennifer. Helping me to understand my emotions/ reactions that I find myself in. I have immense gratitude for the guidance I received through Jennifer. The spiritual visuals really work for me, helping me to anchor beautiful vibrations every time I use them . This is amazing work. Mile Buiochas.

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James, Limerick

“I loved my session with Jennifer and could feel the connection. She brought through such beautiful insights that deeply resonated with me and I highly recommend her services. She is truly in touch with her deepest gift and is bringing healing to the world with her magic. Thank You!

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Angela, Nashville

“I can highly recommend Jennifer and her services to others. Her journey on my behalf gave me some great insights and the timing couldn’t have been better. After wondering about my life purpose for years she pointed it out exactly and the synchronicity of the universe was perfect as the next day I lost my job that no longer served me anyway . Feeling guided and more confident now to step into my divine life path and start doing what I came here to do. Thanks Jennifer for helping me out before I even knew how much I needed it . Keep doing what you are doing as we all need to remember why we are here and what we came here to do at this point in time.

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Jane, Brisbane

“Go raibh mile maith agat a deirfiúr what a beautiful reading! Every single bit of it resonated with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, us Mná na hÉireann are genuinely so blessed to have you here with us, what a wonderful remembrance of our sacred temples. Jennifer you beautiful Bean draíochta, Mo chroí!!

Emily, Limerick

“This resonates so strongly. So, so much of your words have layers and layers to them for deciphering in the days to come. I have so many waves of emotion and sensorily reactions to reading and I feel it will take a while to process and digest. I’d just like to really thank you so so much for this deep and powerful reading and to bow down to you and your innate remembrance and your choosing to be on this land at this potent time.”

Helen, Avondale Retreat Center, Wicklow

“I had a reading with Jennifer and it embedded into me to this day. It’s hard to describe the shift and awakening of my subconsciousness and the change from clearing my aura. I feel like the Iron Giant, in a very positive way, of self protection.”

Pamela, Kildare

“I am so grateful. Jennifer’s gifts and connections to many realms of spirit are evident in my incredible journey experience. I’ve been researching things that were new and familiar for better understanding. I had the most amazing sign that completely duplicated what Jennifer had communicated in my reading. I thank you Jennifer for your gifts and your love for sharing them.

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AJ, Alaska

“I highly recommend Jennifer and her journeys. What she saw and resonated with during her journey for me is still very much in an active state. She is insightful and on point. If you have questions or need direction, she is a modern day sha(wo)man. She has an art with words and visions and she will hold your energetic hand through the journey. Take the step and let her help guide you towards your potential. Thank you Jennifer!

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Meredith, Alaska

“This woman and this experience was just what I was looking for while not knowing exactly what I was looking for. It just felt right. Jennifer helped me clarify what I wanted and solidify my intention. She took me on a journey I will never forget and since our session I have felt strangely light and super confident about myself, my present and my future as well as that of the world. A number of the messages that came through have allowed me to see new meaning in my life and improved my relationship with both my partner and our daughter. I can’t give her enough credit for the gift she gives to the world, endlessly giving of herself as the Priestess she embodies. I will be back again for more insights once I have integrated when I have learned during and since our session. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.”

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Lloyd, Wicklow, Ireland

“Words cannot properly express my gratitude to Jennifer for the insights she was able to reveal to me through her journey into my soul origin. Her wisdom and connection to other dimensions is powerful and divinely guided. I will be recommending Jennifer to anyone wishing for deeper understanding of themselves and their higher purpose. Thank you with all my heart ❤️

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Rebecca, Brisbane

“Jennifer is the real deal. I’ve always felt different, but with her work I have a better understanding of the ancient ways and her understanding of the divine masculine & divine feminine. I’m truly grateful for her and what she does as a healer for Gaia . I now know I can be free to express and heal and be more open. I thank you Jennifer for being the guide and the light. Much love to you. I’m in awe of what she does who she is as a person.”

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Nick, Michigan

“I feel as though something called me to Jennifer as her reading for me was absolutely mind blowing. It was beautiful and emotional, needless to say I shed a few tears because I have had recent experiences happen all at once and just couldn’t figure it all out. But after Jennifer’s reading I feel more awake and at peace! Thank you Jennifer!”

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Patricia, Texas

“So much resonated for me with the soul reading I had with Jennifer. Deeply grateful for the work you are doing Jennifer”

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Deirdre, Athlone

“In a world of illusion, deception, twisted culture, and toxic perception management, it is incredibly difficult to align with the truth of life and your own spirit. Jennifer can see past this effective brainwashing we all suffer from and strip away those parasitic negative influences and see and share with us a path that, with work, we can live a more truthful, aligned life, quiet the noise, and realign to thrive, instead of just survive. She offers aids to find a peace and contentment that are incredibly difficult to find without the help of someone gifted to see beyond the lies this culture has made normal. She genuinely wants us all to shine and exist in our highest selves. Gratitude.”

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Alex, Alaska

“For years I behaved in a way I did not like always why I ended up in certain situations. I had a session with Jennifer and the answer to my why showed up. Jennifer emulated all that was deep brought it to the surface allowing my healing to unfold. I am truly grateful for my connection with you.”

Rosie, Wales

“I gained much comfort and inspiration from my past life reading with Jennifer. My reading was thorough, detailed and deeply resonant. Jennifer took time to answer questions before and afterward. I would highly recommend this as a gift, either for yourself and others.”

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Jaime, Alaska

“Jennifer offers distinctive insights and a unique approach to accessing areas of our life that are hidden from us. Her findings offered both confirmations, and new insights for me to work with moving forward. I can’t recommend Jennifer highly enough, she’s a true gift to those who’s lives she touches ! ??❤️

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Tony, Ontario

“A rare offering not to be missed. Jennifer’s work is priceless.”

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Oisin, Dublin

“I resonated so deeply with what Jennifer channeled during our session. She saw an ancestor of mine walking with a wolf. She didn’t have previous knowledge of this but my family is definitely of the wolf clan. It felt inspiring to know that wolf medicine has been with us for many, many years. The imagery of what she saw during the journey touched me very deeply and made me feel connected to the ancient magic in my family. It was like uncovering something that I’d been searching for for years! Definitely schedule a session with her. She is pure magic!”

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Katrina, Oregon

“It was fantastic! Jennifer not only connected with my spirit animals who relayed specific messages for me, she gave me a very detailed PDF including links for further research. Wow- so much information. Life changing…a beautiful journey.”

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LeAnne, Idaho

“Wow. Just wow. There is no question of her connection. I played a tamboura meditation while we journeyed together. At the point I felt returned and was putting up the instrument, Jennifer sent the message that she had exited my realm. The insight she shared was deep and broad, recalling info I had intuited and been guided to in the past, and a literal mountain of new insights for me to explore. Thank you for sharing your gift, Jennifer.”

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Randy, Idaho

“Wow is all I can say. I had tears of resonance throughout it all. To say this has been such divine confirmation is an understatement. Thank you for the work you do.”

Cliona, Cork

“I received a reading from Jennifer that helped me feel more deeply connected to my souls mate. Losing him has been the deepest trauma and I felt alone and very confused in my grief for years. Jennifer’s reading illuminated a lot I felt but felt vulnerable expressing. I feel more connected to him again and my own soul now as I learn to believe in the power of love. I am still working to unravel the depth of her gift. I am in awe.”

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Corrina, Alaska

“Jennifer’s Reading came at an extremely emotionally intense part of my life. The reading resonated so deeply with me and gave me such a deep feeling of comfort and understanding. I was honestly blown away by it, the messages it brought will stay with me forever. Thank you so much again xxxx.”

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Sinead, Dublin

“I’m very excited by this reading and am eternally grateful to you for doing this on my behalf. I’m very moved by it as well. All the things you saw, the emotional and physical memories, the spirits, the pain and violence: I know in my bones it’s real. It’s like I was able to remember these things myself once you described them. Thank you Jennifer. This must have been a very intense journey for you. I could go on and on about how on point this reading is…there’s still a lot I need to unpack but this is exactly what I needed. Thank you again.”

Mallaidh, Chicago

“Thank you Jennifer that was more amazing and powerful than I expected, it was such good medicine! I have felt this weird energy in me for awhile and you tapped right into it and helped me remove it from my field. I grieved at first, as it was so hard to fathom what I had been through, but you told me it was common and I am just glad you helped me liberate myself. Thank you for your medicine.”

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Petra, Sedona

“Wasn’t sure what to expect on this journey with Jennifer but I was surprised at the detail of information which she shared. Her journey for me really amplified my reality and the puzzle pieces now fit. Highly recommended this journey and walk together with Jennifer. Skilled Shaman.”

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Tara White, Newfoundland

“I can 100 percent recommend. Jen found not only my spirit animal also she showed me deeper purpose and message from my ancestors. I have a lot of topics to think about.”

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Olga Kavanova, Czech Republic

“I can highly recommend Jennifer. Jennifer is very passionate about her work and authentic. A very positive, meaningful experience. ?????

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Niall, Dublin

“Jennifer journeyed on my behalf to find my spirit animal. What she returned with was beyond what I was hoping for. Her message spoke directly to my life and what’s happening within me right now. It’s only been a day since receiving the message but already the impact is is profound beyond words. I’d highly recommend! Jennifer is genuine! She is kind and truthful!”

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Riaaz, Dublin

“When I learned about Jennifer’s offer I was excited and wanted to do it immediately. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the result was beyond all my expectations. Her ‘report’ was very detailed and very involved but each component rang true. The message from my ancestress was so specific and so needed but the best possible message at this time.  My spirit animal was surprising yet not really surprising as it is a creature I’ve always felt a connection with. Definitely a relationship to build upon. I highly recommend this journey. Jennifer is amazing and caring.”

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Deena, Ohio

“To look back over life for the past 15 years or so it’s been… tumultuous. There have been bright lights shining through it all and somehow this light named Jennifer began to shine at just the right time. I just don’t know how what she was shown could represent my journey any more clearly for the past decade up to present day. The message going forward was crystal clear and confirmed by family and friends. I feel deeply humbled and blessed beyond my wildest hope by her message brought back from beyond. We all have such an important assignment to complete in this time. I know I have felt weary about continuing, but now is not the time to quit. And now I remember. I feel like it takes a great deal of courage and confidence for those who can do so, to walk boldly in their gifts in a world as we see today. I honor the work of those who walk between times to help the greater good and reach back to bring along the rest of those who are floundering. Thank you Jennifer. I can recommend your guidance 100%..”

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Marybeth, Kansas City

“Jennifer travelled to the other realms on my behalf and brought back a lot of insight and visions she experienced. She gave so much in-depth information that I can relate to, and a lot of advice in what to do to help my situation. She is such a loving, caring energy, you can feel it instantly when you speak to her. I would highly recommend anyone who wants deeper insight through her type of work and gifts to contact Jennifer.”

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Sapphire, England

“I contacted Jennifer after my FB suggested I may know her. Looked up her website and got straight away a positive vibe of a pure genuine soul. Thats what she is. She went on a shamanic soul journey and reported me back many messages from my spirit animals. She was spot on without knowing me or my story. Have to say she brought tears to my eyes (of happiness and relief). I appreciated so much the fact that she takes the time to elaborate the journey. She makes sure that every word, every message, is fully understood. I must say that her services are also very cheap in comparison to what’s out there. So you know she’s not in for money but only for a highest good. I’ll contact her again for sure cause I have so many questions and found myself very at ease with her energy. Thank you again for taking the time and your effort!!”

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Ludo Vica, Italy

“I have been feeling stuck emotionally and physically over the last few months. I decided to contact Jennifer as I had seen her post online offering her Spiritual Animal guidance sessions. We spoke to see what the purpose of the journey would be. She asks for permission to enter your energy fields for your highest good and the highest good of all. 

Jennifer has a degree in neuroscience and worked at Harvard, bringing scientific inquiry to her Shamanic work. I received a detailed PDF with insights into my patterned behaviours, some of which serves me well while other patterns don’t enable me to reach my full potential. It was incredible to read that Jennifer’s insights from my Spirit guide animals matched my life experiences and how I interact with myself and others. 

I highly recommend Jennifer as a Shamanic Practitioner of great integrity. She genuinely wants to help people achieve their dreams and be their best self and be proactive in their healing. She has a natural gift, and her journeys are very insightful and thought-provoking. I intend to do a follow-up session with her in the coming weeks.”

Aidan, Dublin


I can help guide you into the inner well of quantum consciousness.


Here’s my story…


My work focuses on the expansion of consciousness. I studied behavioral neuroscience and worked in a genetics lab at Harvard Medical School, before I came to womb shamanism as the most effective way to explore the quantum field of consciousness.


I believe that we each carry within our souls deep galactic memories, that can be remembered and embodied on our Earth Walk. We are evolving into quantum consciousness- from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous!


As I unlocked DNA memories on my own soul journey, I remembered many past lives in Ireland serving as a Celtic Priestess during the Goddess Eras on Earth. The priestess serves from deep within the wisdom tradition of the cosmic feminine, to remind us that we are not living only a material existence, we are eternal souls.


This soul healing can come in the form of power animal retrievals, past life memory recall, ancestral trauma release, or connection to star families. The possibilities for healing, expansion, and embodiment are endless.


Let me guide you into multidimensional awareness, from the deep well within you.


  Into the Well