This is a guide received by the dragon mothers for the benefit of the New Earth 

It includes: 

A Dragon Queen’s view of ley line harmonics

Resurrecting Diamond Dragons and crystalline New Earth song lines

The art of the sonic songstresses 

The practice of planetary tantra

Serpent Priestess transmission

88 Euro


  • Are you interested in stepping into a deeper role as an Earth healer, embodied by the sensual, sovereign, and sacred serpent? This homestudy was created as a way to activate memories within, to connect to elemental realms, and feel the goddess of the land. 


  • If you feel its time to move away from eco-grief and into being more co-creative with Gaia, serpent might be the medicine for you!The Druids of the Celtic region used to declare, “I am Serpent, I am Druid”, meaning they derived their power and wisdom of nature from their connection to serpent.




An audio teaching series on connecting to:


  • The Serpent Priestess archetype
  • The Rod/lingam/phallic principle
  • Connecting to dragon portal guardians of the land
  • Finding your nemeton
  • Annunaki interference on the serpent lineage





Dragon Alchemy Session Private Link