journey into the ancient art of womb Oracle


What you will receive

guided shamanic journeys 

Remember the path of feminine-centered shamanic journeying. 

channelled material

Wisdom from the land as remembered on pilgrimage. The path of Magdalene as a portal to the feminine Otherworld.


1:1 Support

All of the wisdom is held deep within you. You only need to be held in a safe space to remember. 

sessions scheduled at your convenience

for each session you will receive:

The crux of each session is a shared shamanic journey where we dive into the Otherworld Well together.

We will meet on an initial video call to discuss the purpose and intention of our journey together, and then we will go into a shared shamanic deep dive into the Otherworld to retrieve a symbol and a tool. Once we emerge, we will meet again to discuss, post-shamanic session. The purpose of this flow is to built trust in your own ability to safely enter the Otherworld to retrieve oracle healing tools going forward.

For each journey, we will retrieve three symbols- a symbol of power, a symbol of protection, and a symbol of healing.



Pay in full

333 Euro


Or as three installments:

111 Euro