a pilgrimage to ireland’s otherworld

Her crystal Emerald Heart

The Otherworld isn’t a place, it is a dimension. 

It is a frequency emanating from the crystal heart of Gaia Sophia, our beautiful planet. 

She is a Living Goddess.

She holds an ancient and future Edenic blueprint for us.

Ireland is her Emerald Heart.

Her heartbeat is the frequency of LOVE


A Pilgrimage to the Pure Heart Within 



it’s through the deepest Descent you can enter into a space of purity


There is wisdom in innocence regained. 


“Ignorance is not knowing anything and being attracted to the good. Innocence is knowing everything, and still being attracted to the good.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes


The dove of Holy Sophia enters the consciousness through the deepest descent into the dragon lair. This is the practice of the purified womb. 


The true Celtic Goddess Temple is in nature. She is the wisdom of the land, and will take you through life, death, and rebirth to return to a state of wise innocence. Self-healed and self-ruled. It is why I use the phrase ‘shamanic healing’, because it refers to healing wounds to the feminine soul.


The treasure found in the Otherworld, the subtle soul realms, is spirit power. The power comes from nature and elements, and ultimately the womb. Ireland is a land which knows the divinity of the womb as the chalice of resurrection. 


The Otherworld


There is a dimension that is enfolded within this one, the way magnetic fields enfold and nest into each other. I see it as the Mother dimension. It’s the root, the womb, the tomb.

The ancient Irish tree language, the druidic language, is known as “Ogham”. It is pronounced Ohmmmm. In Sanskrit OM is the considered the sound of the universe, and contains all other sounds. In ancient Irish language to say “I AM”, you say “OM”

When I chant to enter the Otherworld, I chant the song of Amergin the sea druid. Each line begins, “I AM”. OM. Each line states that one is in sovereign authority over oneself and one’s eternal connection to all creation. “I am wind on sea….” “Om gaoth ar muir” 

In ancient times, ‘Om’ meant “oracle’ “matrix’ or “womb’.

Ommmm. I am womb. I am.

One doesn’t need archeological evidence to experience direct gnosis when one deeply trusts the Mother principle. It’s a place of a dark planetary womb consciousness where we can meet Gaia Sophia. We can dream her dream, know her knowing. The Otherworld is ultimately within the soul.

So, I invite you into the feminine womb dimension of the Otherworld.