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Hi friends,

If you’ve ever taken value from any of the writing I’ve shared, would you please consider donating to get my book ‘Into the Well’ manifested ?

The one myth about abundance that I love from Celtic mythology is a story about Brigid.

She was preparing for a feast, and a hungry dog came by begging for food. She gave him the last piece of bacon, and since she did, more bacon rematerialised from her generosity. I like this idea about abundance – you give to receive. That keeps it flowing.

I’ve always liked the values of transparency, and sharing openly. I always believe it comes back to us. That’s why I share freely.

The message in my book is from the Cosmic Mother, and her resurrection in Ireland. That is the essence and intention behind it.

If you feel called to support this message, donate a custom amount here through my website securely. It will be used to pay a book designer in Ireland, and a female-owned small publishing company. Both are creative professional women who I’m very happy to support to keep the abundance flowing.

Any little bit helps and is deeply appreciated.

Emerald Blessings!