Stones and Stardust


A Celestial Sophia Project


Ireland’s thin places and anima loci are ‘places of soul’ as well as stargates and portals to cosmic consciousness.

The Druidess or Celtic Priestess reveres the Star Ancestors. In an ancient role, she serves as a pillar and channel from the stars to Earth.

Ireland’s sacred sites such as Carrokeel, Loughcrew, Newgrange, Uisneach, and the many lochs, are portals to the cosmic womb.

They are places to access the wisdom of the Star Ancestors. 








There were four standing stones, emanating powerful energy.

I rested my head against the stone, and an overwhelming wave of gratitude overcame me. I thanked the ancestors who had cosmic wisdom far greater than I can understand. I sang the song of the Sea Druid to the Stones, letting them know I was listening. The Stone Beings began to communicate through symbols, visions, and words.

After a while, an ancient shamaness appeared, wearing Ram’s horns. It was as if her memory had been imprinted into the stone, by whoever placed them there. She handed me a symbol, and began to speak.

“I am an Ancient Shamaness/Druidess from Mu.

A cycle is ending, and a new one is beginning. Now. Now is the Time. We placed these stones here long ago, as ancient grid workers and stargate keepers, keepers of cosmic earth wisdom.

New Earth, or Nova Terra, was seeded long ago. We knew you would need guideposts to follow out of the darkness of the last Aeon cycle of fallen consciousness. A great unraveling and rebirth, through the Womb of God.

Now. The time is now. A blank canvas has been painted, a return to the zero-point field. This sacred now moment is the shift between one cycle to another. The ancients knew this time would come, this time is Now. This has been prophesied in the stars.

The stars will flow with water to birth a new era.

Planetary Gridwork is the secret work of the Light. Unhooking from old Matrix networks into a new harmonic field. Pure, crystalline consciousness. A 144 harmonic universe.

A sacred gate is now open. The sacred yoni, the sacred womb, is open. It is time for the rose to blossom open. The end times will be over, and the new cycle will begin. These are the last leaves falling off the tree, and the new cycle is beginning.

Purify yourself. Immerse into the zero-point moment of Now, to enter through the gate.”

The symbol I was given is called the Tau. The Tau was the symbol of resurrection in Mu (Lemuria).

The Motherland was known as Tau, “the stars which bring water”. (Ta = stars, and ‘ha’ = water). ‘Ta-ha’ means pure motherland or beginning. The Tau symbolizes “bringing forth” or “emerging”.

Though Mu was submerged, the wisdom of the land has been resurrected. Something new will now emerge.

Stones Speak. Trees Speak. May we Listen.





I see better in the dark. Many do. There are many of a druidic lineage who have come from or returned to the lands of Albion.

I see better in the dark. Many do. There are many of a druidic lineage who have come from or returned to the lands of Albion.

Encoded at the Isle of Iona is the Druidic maxim “Truth against the World”. The truth of cosmic Sophia, as I’ve remembered it, beats like a drum under the Celtic lands. This remembrance is my inheritance:

There was once a planet named Tara. It existed about 550,000 million years ago. It was an Emerald place. It had a sister planet named Tiamet. Both contained the Sophianic principle embedded into the land. So, the land was ensouled matter.

The humans on Tara came from the Lyran star system, from the royal houses of Lyra. The Lyrans were extremely advanced, they existed in a high harmonic universe as avatars of 12th dimensional consciousness.

This is part of our galactic human history.

The Lyrans are our original cosmic ancestors. They are a very evolved race. Lyra underwent a massive galactic war, which many of us hold as trauma imprints in our DNA. We remember as we reclaim those pieces of ourselves. It was known as the Electric Wars. There is of course a reason “Star Wars” is so popular in collective human consciousness.

The Lyrans basically sent their ‘finest’ DNA onto the planets Tara and Tiamet. They had 12 strands of DNA, which looked like an internal Emerald Tree of Life. The Tarans evolved over the years to create the societies of Atlantis and Lemuria (MU). Mu was very connected to natural laws, while Atlantis veered more towards dominating nature with technology. Due to internal conflicts and DNA regression, Tara and Tiamet ended up in destruction. The planet itself exploded. It was very traumatic for the souls there.

When the planets Tara and Tiamet exploded they got sucked into a massive black hole, imploded, and then exploded out the other side of the black hole into the Milky Way Galaxy. These portions ended up creating Earth.

So, portions of the former ascended planets Tara and Tiamet became the Earth we live on now. A few particular sections of Tara became what is known as Albion, or the Celtic Isles, including Ireland.

20,000 years ago the Celtic Churches knew about much of this. They knew about ancient Cosmic Sophia’s Trinity wisdom. They carried Lyran DNA, and a Grail lineage known as the Emerald Order. They knew about the wars, the DNA hybridisation, and the fall of consciousness.

This is a time before human history as we remember it. Before the veil of amnesia. Basically, our divine DNA has been ‘turned off’ for a long time.

However, there is a covenant to retrieve the lost souls of Tara and return to a state of wholeness and harmony within. This reclamation project is known as the Emerald Order. The Emerald Covenant is buried under Albion. Albion is more of a myth than a land. It’s a dimension. The emerald covenant is ancient galactic technology of spiritual alchemy.

New codes for the angelic human lightbody are trinity waves. Trinity is the future, but it’s also old. It’s what they knew about in Celtic Churches 22,000 years ago before the Veil of Amnesia was placed over the Grail Kings and Queen’s memories, and the Dragons of Anu went underground.

The gnosis of the Druid Priestesses and those of the Grail lineage is that the emerald heart overflows from a trinity consciousness point. This is the “quest’. It’s the chalice that pours over the Wasteland, it’s the seeding of christ consciousness.

We have been living under a frequency fence, within the consciousness trap of duality. Polarity isn’t between men and women. It can’t be, because both women and men have both genders.

If feminine holds feminine energy, and masculine holds masculine, and we try to create from that polarity and duality, we will constantly be looping. When we know ourselves as both genders, and we merge them within us, we create a third energy. It can be called the “golden child’, but it is not a child, it is an elixir in the brain known as our inner spiritual sun.

But first we have to be fully essenced. To have all 144 fractals of soul consciousness within, to have full vitality within. We must resonate to harmonics from our higher heart. To know ourselves as crystalline instruments. Pillars of light, as the druidesses knew. They trained to merge with the morphic resonance of high harmonics to embody pillars from the stars above, to the womb below.

Doves above, dragons below.

This is why fragments of Tara will come awake in Ireland once we are fully essenced, when all fragments have been called home to the inner spiritual sun.

Sophia is a dragon and dove meeting together in the crystalline heart.

The heart of inner divinity is a trinity.


Image: Lightbody at GoldenAgeofGaia






Queen Scotia and Ireland’s Next Golden Age

The magic of the stars flowed through her….

For anyone interested in the Ireland-Egypt connection, I had some interesting insights while in a trance state. May these ideas resonate with those who vibrate in a similar frequency.

I asked to connect to Irish ancestors, and Queen Scotia came through. I don’t like using the word “channeled”, I see energies as archetypes within the collective human consciousness, and if there is any connection through DNA, then one can remember for a brief moment, and embody it long enough to bring forth a message.

So, a message from the energy of Queen Scotia:

She is of the same lineage as Akhenaton and Nefertiti, a royal star lineage that goes back to the temples of Isis- Magdalene and ultimately to cosmic womb mysteries. She would’ve come from a lineage of a divine mother. She was not a princess, but a priestess of an ancient womb lineage.

She represented a feminine way of Being, you could call it the ‘hidden feminine hand’, where alchemy through the cosmic womb was possible.

I saw her as an Egyptian woman buried in Kerry, and her message was clear: In ancient Ireland as in ancient Egypt there were guides known as womb shamans, female shamans. It’s incredibly important now to simply connect to this female womb shamanism which is literally all over the country and the earth.

The sacred sites are nearly all womb portals of the great mother, where the velvety blackness of the divine mother frequency can be accessed. The was humanity’s oldest religion, which spanned hundreds of thousands of years, possibly millions of years. The depth of loss of this womb wisdom is staggering.

The other important message is that she comes from a star lineage, a cosmic Sophia consciousness. Queen Scotia planted the energetic seeds in Ireland for its spiritual awakening. To remember that our consciousness is celestial. This isn’t being “ungrounded”. There’s nothing more human than being both Earthbound and cosmically aligned. It’s the way of the divine human.

Part of her role was to seed womb consciousness into Ireland. Hathor is Egypt’s sky dakini, or cosmic goddess, whose fluids were known to be the Milky Way. Similarly, Boann is one of Ireland’s cosmic goddesses, which is why her river mirrors the Milky Way. The nourishing milk of the stars was said to flow from her breasts, falling on water and flowing into the womb of Newgrange.

Newgrange and the pyramids are quite related in their function. They are cosmic womb portals, guarded by energies known in Egypt as The Sphinx and in Ireland as The Cailleach.

There was once a golden age on Gaia where stargates were opened, this was the purpose of the pyramids, inter- galactic travel. This was common knowledge up until about 10,000 years ago. Loughcrew and Newgrange serve similar functions in ancient and future golden ages to the Egyptian pyramids. They are portals.

The ancients knew that they played an important role in maintaining harmony between cosmic, earth, and elementary bodies through sound and intent. Music of the spheres was sung through every cell, nourishing a huge web. They knew that the star ancestors above, and the Earthen core below were one and the same.

Much of this has been forbidden, lost, and banished knowledge, because if enough of humanity was opened to their incredible inner potential then the powers-that-be could not control us. We could simply “power up” our electromagnetic force fields, create a beautiful sacred geometric wave of thought through our golden pineal glands, emanate it outwards over Earth, and raise the vibration enough to literally live in a “New Earth”. We are the masters of this reality, through our incredible consciousness.

Queen Scotia was an emissary of a very royal, benevolent, and celestial lineage that has been trying to help humanity win its freedom and allow it to reach new earth timelines. She was partially responsible for bringing this benevolent star lineage frequency to Ireland.

We’re not alone in the universe. Many of the sacred sites here are stargates. Loughcrew, for example, is a stargate, a portal to the Andromeda galaxy. The keepers of that land know this. It’s kept secret.

But this is a new era, where formerly druidic secrets must be shared wisely for the ascension and awakening of humanity.

We are in dire times, spiritually. New earth cannot happen, humanity cannot ascend and reassemble their memory and 12 strand DNA until enough of a critical mass is reached. Going through the literal quantum wormholes in our brains to access things we thought impossible before.

All prophecies point to now. We must remember our connection, because we ARE the stardust, we are the ancestors, we are the future, and right NOW is our moment to shine.

Queen Scotia, like many others, is a treasure keeper of the magical feminine reality. Call it the Grail lineage, it’s written into human consciousness through symbols: the cosmic egg, the ouroboros, the chalice and the well, the rose and the grail, they are all here for us as guideposts. So now the deepest challenge is in allowing a new reality within our minds. It’s the revival of gnosis found in caves, in portals, in vulvas, in the velvety blackness of the divine mother’s Void.

Listen deeply.

The information is held within the waters of the womb, living memories from quantum timelines. It won’t be found in books or in the limited understanding of realty interpreted by current consciousness.

This requires a quantum leap of faith.

Take back the wisdom and remember the magic queen.






In the earliest written records of ancient Ireland, one follows history all the way back to the mention of the Thuatha de Danu: The Tribe of the Goddess Danu.

No one knows who they really were, or where they came from, only that they descended on Ireland in a mist. They left four treasures, from four cities in four directions; Findias, Gorias, Murias, and Falias. The treasures are the Sword of Nuada, the Spear of Lugh, the Cauldron of the Dagda, and the Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny).

It’s still debated whether they were gods or aliens. Irish literature mentions they “came in from the sky on flying ships’. These flying ships are depicted on ancient rock art dotting Ireland’s landscape.

The Dogon in West Africa are another people who remember coming from the stars. The Dogon are considered a “primitive” group of people living in Mali, West Africa.

Anthropologist Marcel Griaule studied the Dogon for almost twenty years, speaking often with a blind wise man named Ogotemmêli. The Dogon preserve a tradition of contact with intelligent extraterrestrial beings from the Sirius star system.

Ogotemmêli drew the anthropologist a star map of Sirius illustrating the orbit of Sirius B, a companion star to Sirius A that had only been discovered in 1844 and that is not visible with the naked eye. According to Ogotemmêli this was lore that stretched back generations for the Dogon.

Mayan, Hopi, Tibetan and other indigenous cultures also speak of extraterrestrial contact. A unifying “Sky Elder” theme is found in almost every Native American culture.

I often think about how those of European descent have lost our knowing that we are ‘indigenous’ to Earth. Because of it, there is a huge divide between being grounded, being embodied, being human, and being spiritual and aware of cosmic origins.

In contrast, in cultures that have maintained ancient ways of knowing and being, there is less of a divide between human and divine. The Andean shamans speak of the Pleiades and the Seven Sisters and the cosmic goddess- it’s interwoven into their culture, so they can be both grounded in earth and culture, and also connected above.

But in the West, we have lived in such a homogonized cultural landscape that to speak of star beings is considered totally wacky and out of the norm. But the Europeans of Old Magic, the Druid Priests and Priestesses, who perhaps were carryovers from starseeded Mystery Schools, knew that the earth and cosmos were One, and that human consciousness was the interface, the medium.

They were both spiritual AND embodied, and their culture and lived experience encouraged that. They built magnificent earthen astrological monuments that attest to their cosmic consciousness.

These temples were placed on ley lines, under constellations, aligned to changes in the Earth’s rotation through cosmos, by beautifully divine and connected humans. Those humans went into those earthen temples, and with their intent, will, voice, and song, helped hold Earth in harmonious balance.

They knew that earth and cosmos are CONNECTED and our consciousness is the medium. There is no separation between matter and spirit.

We are not alone here, in this galaxy. We are made of stardust, supernovas exploded, living in an expanding universe!

Many are remembering and waking up to their galactic origins. The Hopi predicted that this would happen. That, during the shifting of the worlds, the Rainbow Tribe would begin to wake up and remember their origins and their mission.

We are here to remember that we are all divine, borne of stars, with souls that are eternal. The EarthWalk is an exercise in alchemy; a chance for our souls to grow. To break free from the Matrix, the illusion. To be consciousness pirates.

Many ancient prophecies have predicted theses times. The Hopi named it the Great Purification. Cherokee called it the rise of the Rainbow Warriors. The Mayan calendar predicted a massive shift, an “end of an old world”.

As humanity stands at the crossroads between the Fifth and the Sixth Worlds, our consciousness is evolving due to the cosmic changes; we’re ‘leveling up’ into these higher dimensions, becoming galactic citizens.

Those in the higher dimensions, those in the stars, are waiting for us with arms open, to remember our cosmic consciousness.









I was born from sound. Ommmmmmmm. The sound of the universe, the music of the spheres. This vibration appeared in the cosmic void, and from the velvet womb of silence, came sound.

A galactic Sun shone into this star womb. Mother Sound, Father Light. Dark Womb, Bright Sun. My consciousness was birthed, as starlight on water.

I remained this way for eons, traveling, spinning, moving from magnetic to electric polarities, a great serpentine filament of energy moving through the multiverse.

Just pure frequency, I was free. I wasn’t water, and I wasn’t sound, and I wasn’t light. I was starlight on water, and as I moved, the water remembered my journey.

There were many of us, many emanations of light and sound from source. We were consciousness expanding eternally, Source wishing to know itself. Creator wishing to know Creation.

This energy moved through the universe, anchoring onto different planets. When it came to Earth, it animated through crystal, through magma, through rock, through soil, through plants, through animals. Endless forms, each more beautiful than the last.

It animated through divine humanity. It moves like a fire in the head through the neuronal circuits in the brain, through the pizeoelectric spinning crystals in the pineal gland, through the pituitary gland, down into our body temples.

We are the fire in the head, we are Source consciousness. We are the Universe experiencing itself subjectively.

This frequency, was so pure, so birthed from Source, that others in the multiverse wished to stop it, to siphon its life force of creative expansion.

It went through many dark aeons, many dark nights of soul, many wars and battles, fighting all the while for freedom to expand further. This happened in cosmic cycles, as planet Earth orbited through vast space and interacted with other planets, stars, and suns.

Now, we are in the most beautiful era on Earth possible. The whole multiverse is watching planet Earth, and divine humanity. We are at the cusp of unbelievable Freedom.

We shall be free, we shall know ourselves as source, and we shall know source as Love.

Love from a star sister remembering.