Join a sisterhood

of sacred remembering


The divine feminine temples were forgotten

the sisterhood of the rose was separated

until now…


Join a deep dive into remembering the divine feminine mystery schools. The deep feminine wisdom found within the Grail and Rose Lineage. It’s a sacred wisdom that runs through Brigid in Ireland, to Mary Magdalene in France, to Isis in Egypt, and ultimately, to the primordial Goddess, or the feminine divine.

In ancient times, such as in Atlantis, and during the era of the Mother Goddess Culture on Earth (which lasted around 200,000 years), spiritually advanced women joined mystery schools and temples to honor and encourage their natural gifts and to serve as devotees to the Sacred Mother. We carry the memory of this feminine Gnosis deep within our bones and blood. 

It is our birthright to remember our sacred wisdom.

I believe us women are undergoing a sacred remembering right now. This isn’t a “priestess program”, and there is no training or money involved. This is a Sisterhood. We bring our sacred gifts, and we receive in return. 

I am inviting nine sisters to join together to create a powerful and sacred container of nine, like the ancient priestesses of nine. From this space we can create healing magic, just like the ancient women used to do. We can discuss ideas on what those mystery schools might have taught, and how we can sacredly remember and embody together.

One element of the sacred sisterhood work is in healing the major wounds to our divinity. Healing these ancient wounds involves raising kundalini in order to embody Shakti, or erotic innocence. One of the tasks of the sisterhood is to bridge the gap between God and Goddess, to serve by embodying divine spirit living in matter. In uniting purity and ecstasy. It involves the beauty of creation consciousness, the divine feminine Way of Being, her sacred sexuality and sacred geometry.

The most important element of sisterhood is the equality and safety within it. I aim to create a safe, blessed space for sisters on a similar frequency, each sister like one petal on the same ancient Rose.



rose memories

I sludge and trudge up on slick mud to the giant cairn, Ireland’s Sovereignty Goddess underneath the land tugging on my spirit. My footsteps take me dutifully up. All I hear is the crunching of frost under a great big silent sky. Why am I so drawn here? I felt helpless. Truth is, I struggled with this. I craved for these truths at the root of me to remain hidden, to be kept quiet. It’d be so much easier. I didn’t want to be drumming on hills alone in Ireland, seeing visions. I felt isolated, alone. An outcast. I wanted tribe, I wanted sisterhood.

Yet, my life kept flowing, continually unraveling towards a truth at the very core of my being: the Great Goddess was rising, and I was one of her priestesses. I walked the green land, wrestling with ancient memories behind the veil. Drumming in the February snow, the chambers whistled with wind like healing sound baths, reminding me of a frequency I once knew. The stones make me feel better. I lean against them, whispering as if a grandmother was in there. I could only speak my truth to her.

It came rising up from deep in my belly into my throat: Nothing will stop me worshiping you, I would die to keep worshipping the Goddess, I confess to the cairn. “You already have,” it answers back. “You’re walking on the bones of your former self.”

I see myself tied to a stake, ash logs and kindling around me. A man lights the fire, and I burn. My spirit goes up in smoke. The last thing I see is a smile on the man’s face. Humiliation sears through my soul.

I ride up on the smoke, into a circle of eight shining women wearing silvery blue gowns, holding pitchers of moonlight. They hold their hands out to me. My spirit joins them, completing the circle. I see my body suspended in the centre of our circle, burning.

A shining one pours her pitcher of liquid moonlight over me, and puts a cloak made of silver stars over my shoulders. It soothes. She dresses me in a white gown to meet Death. The priestesses eyes glow green, luminescent. They stare at me, and I feel a liquid diamond appear in my mind, burning an imprint into my forehead. “You see.” Her eyes burn into mine, glowing green. I see my current incarnation on the hill in Ireland, alive, and cold.

“Go back,” she says, “and try again”.

– In the Temple of the Mother Goddess of Ireland


Topics to explore within the temple



The Prophecy of the Return of the Sisterhood of the Rose

Wild Woman, Wise Woman, and Shakti Queen archetypes

Roles of the Spiritual Feminine: Witch, Priestess, Shaman, Mystic

Kundalini Rising and the Alchemical Marriage of Masculine and Feminine within

Sexual Alchemy and Womb Wisdom: Sex as Mystical Experience

The Underworld Journey of Persephone and Innanna’s Descent as an archetypical “Heroine’s Journey”

Crone Wisdom: The Great Cailleach, or Veiled One, of Ireland and Scotland

The New Trinity Consciousness of Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Golden Child as metaphor for our consciousness evolution

The Magdalene Mysteries and the Rose Flame

The Sacred Crystal Heart of Sophia and the new crystalline architecture of our bodies and Mother Earth

recreating the temple



We will meet once a month  in service to the return of the ascended divine feminine frequency



No answers are to be found written, because the goddess existed before written word. This requires a deep dive into feminine intuition. There is feminine wisdom more archetypical, a metaphor written in the cosmos, that has been long forgotten. A mystery hidden, locked away in secret. Far from inferior, it contains the wisdom of the cosmos. An unraveling has begun in me, and now that I have tasted her truth, I will hunt down the source of the thread, like a lioness on her prey.




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  • June 9th, 6pm-8pm Dublin time


first temple gathering

A Sacred Memory Share of Divine Feminine Temples and Mystery Schools 

As women, we are more powerful than we know to create positive timelines for the future of Gaia. 

How can we, as modern day divine feminines, contribute to the rebirthing of a New Earth? What memories or wisdom do you have of the ancient temples and mystery schools, and how can we harness that ancient power?




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  • July 22th, 7:30pm-8:30pm Dublin time
  • 2:30-3:30pm East Coast USA
  • 11:30-12:30pm am Pacific Coast USA



second temple gathering

A Celebration of Magdalene on her Feast Day.

Join a guided meditation to Magdalene, and spend an hour of sacred remembering of Magdalene, her teachings, and frequency.